Roc4 is an Instant Payments solution aimed at freelancers ranging from actors and musicians to journalists and photographers.

We take the hassle of out your administrative requirements, paying you instantly upon completion of your ‘gig’, as well as providing numerous benefits from mobile services to retail discounts.


Roc4 is the first UK company focussed on providing Instant Payments to its members, immediately upon completion of their gig.

Similar to transactions with Apps such as Uber, members confirm completion of their gig, triggering an Instant Payment to their current account.

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We are the future of freelancer payments. For too long, agencies and big corporations have controlled payment cycles, with payment terms typically ranging from 20 days up to over 100 days! Roc4 is changing this dynamic, taking control of the debt collection with the corporate entity and providing payments instantly to it’s members, immediately upon completion of their event.

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One of the drawbacks of being a freelancer is that you are unable to benefit from the positives of working for large corporates, such as cycle to work schemes, employee benefits or IT support. Roc4 believes this to be unfair and will use the collective power of our membership base to deliver real value to our members.

Quotes from some of our members…

“I now have peace of mind when I do gigs. Not having to wait for payments allows me to concentrate on what I really enjoy in life, not chasing overdue invoices!”

Jay Phelps

“No matter where I perform, I use Roc4 instant payments. I get paid so quickly that I never have to bother my agents or clients.”

Courtney Brown

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